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Captured by Jesus

My (very brief) thoughts on the V-Tech murders...

This is my response to a post a friend made.  The first comment is regarding Bush, the NRA and gun control.

Still the fact that one of his biggest supporting groups is the NRA, well that's a problem to me. You can't condemn what is happening in the world if you're a beneficiary of the one group that has a vested interest in the thing that has helped make this incident happen.

It was the man who pulled the trigger, friend. There is a lot of truth to the fact that it isn't Bush's fault, God's fault or even the law's fault. This guy set out to do something and he did it. The only difference, if gun control were tighter, would be that it might have happened in May instead of April. People who don't care if they kill 30 or so people also don't care if they get a gun illegally, or not. But in May it might have been a machine gun, or something, killing many more. Maybe not. But why not blame the judges who give a slap on the wrist for obvious obsessive behavior? If they had given him a record, Cho wouldn't have been able to get a firearm legally. Still, I think when someone sets out to do something, they will, no matter the law.

I do think you make a great point that we should reach out to our neighbors, though. Here's an example that happened just yesterday. I posted about it, but you may have missed it:

A blessing today. Yesterday, when I went to pay bills, I'd forgotten my checkbook for the City. They don't take debit cards there. So I told them I'd be back, but I forgot. So today, when I took Shawn to work, I stopped there on my way back home. That went fine, and something really cool happened when I left. My hair was sort of messed up, though I brushed it, because I hadn't yet showered today, and I had no make-up on. I wasn't exactly some hot chick, you know? Anyway, this really handsome old man with a walker passed me on his way in when I was leaving. I was sort of in my own little introverted space, but he smiled and said hello to me. It made my day that he saw fit to be polite to me no matter what I looked like or who I was. So many people are so rude (and judgmental) these days. It was uber refreshing. I prayed and prayed that the Lord bless him. :)

But again, Cho refused people who reached out to him.

You said, "There are plenty of people in the world that have it worse off, but they do not go into work or school or the mall and shoot it up. Cho was disturbed, but I wonder, at what point did he lose control?"

I made this response to someone else in another journal regarding this.

I'm guessing from my own experience with emotions and trials that what probably happens is that a person holds on to one offense or offenses (big or small) so tightly that it becomes their focus. They start to think about revenge and how good that would feel to them, what a release it would be. Most people, at this point, would realize that this is a path they don't want to continue down and they would make every effort to find a new focus and/or forgive and let it go, but some don't and it plays out like it did at V-Tech.

It's hard to say what goes through the mind of someone who has isolated himself so. I think there's a reason why the Lord says that vengeance is His and why He encourages us so to focus on Him. Another good reason to spread the Word.
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Locks and laws are for honest people. Neither will prevent a crime when one has the will to steal or otherwise break the law.
People don't realize that the function of laws is not to prevent crime but to define it so it can be punished afterward. Law enforcement's role is to catch people who commit crimes. It is up to social and moral understanding and structures to prevent crime.
You're right about May instead of April. As far as I can remember, this is the first time the gun was obtained legally in one of these. I don't know why people think a law can prevent a crime.
Law might work to deter some, but not the seriously-screwed-up.
I'm pretty sure that what we need to stop the gang violence in my metro area is not gun control. If I wanted a gun illegally, there's probably a half-dozen students I could ask and I'd have one in a week. Gun control isn't the only answer - and it's not goign to stop the truly bent on violence.
However, Guiliani seems to attribute the success in NYC's problems to gun control. But I agree. Those who set their mind will see it through.
You might enjoy this comic- http://conservatoons.deviantart.com/art/Fake-Gun-46564548

Conservatoons has tons of good ones in his gallery. ^_^