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Captured by Jesus


Tonight several topics came up, and it seems that my Mormon friend Storm was right in the midst of it all.  The two topics that consistently come up in our discussions are...

1.  The authenticity of the Bible.

2.  The Triune Godhead.

I think I probably need to make a post explaining where I stand with the Bible, first. 

Then I will make an argument for the Trinity as Bible-Believing Christians know it. 

Feel free to leave comments if you think you have anything helpful on either of these topics.


I think making your first point is going to lay the foundation for everything else you post, so I'd definitely start there.
I agree with jilrani, which is why I think you should ask yourself what is at the heart of this discussion. If it is theology, then I think that you should start with a post about God and His triune and eternally divine nature. If, however, it is authority at the core of the conversation, then you should start with the Bible.

However, when we consider the LDS's appoach to scripture and authority - they put Smith's revelation at the heart of authority, with their own scripture and version of scripture following from there - I find that history is actually the best place to start. Their theology is a-historical. They have no secondary historical sources to back them up and and the historical record actually stands against them. The early history of the Church is paramount, but so is the reality that much of the Book of Mormon can be found pre-dating Smith's revelation in the theological speculation of the tent revivals of New York.