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Captured by Jesus


Hi, everyone. I haven't posted in here in a while, but winter is coming soon, so I know I'll be spending more time indoors.

Recently, I've been hanging out in Yahoo Christian Chat 3. While there, I've met some really interesting people. It's not like you might think... a Christian run and operated place. It's diverse with lots of people representing lots of different beliefs.

I've gotten a soft spot for a guy I'll call "Storm." He's a Mormon and he's recently given me a website to examine. It's right here.  Since Mormonism vs Christianity is such a vast topic, I've decided to go ahead and publicly examine things one at a time right here on my blog.

I'll probably be posting some things about Judaism, too.  I've met a delightful Jewish woman I'll call "Metookah."  I just love listening to her.  She adamantly denies Christ is Lord, though, and I know some interesting topics will develop, and I'll want to discuss them with you here. She gets kind of mad when people tell her she needs Jesus to be saved, but then she gets mad at me, too, when I tell her I believe that God's not done with the Jews yet (Romans 11).  :)  But mostly she just likes to talk and exchange thoughts.  Tonight I listened to her talk with a guy called "ex_christian," and she really defended her faith well. 

One thing is for sure... these are all very intelligent people, so I respect them, and adore them.  They all have unique and wonderful personalities.  It can be a bash-fest at times, but usually it works itself out. 

There's a few flirtatious men in there, but they're pretty harmless. :)

Hope all is well with you. 


There are actually several Christian gaming clans (and yes, we already know how to respond to the often-asked question: why are Christians playing first-person shooter games). I believe ours (Children of God) is the biggest. The original founder also started God's Humble Servants and God's Chosen Warriors, and one other that I can't remember. There are a few others, but they aren't as big. Not all of our members are Christians, but they all need to follow certain guidelines to be members, and our servers enforce certain rules as well.
That's pretty cool.